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PostPosted: Sun Feb 13, 2011 10:23 am 
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Herald of RHPG

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Nintendo 3DS Preview Review!!!

Well today was my first experience of the 3DS Hands-on wise, what follows is a review of the prodcuts and a couple of the games I played all of which except one were the complete games!

Well where to star?

How about the hardware itself.
As you would expect the 3DS build quality seems very good, the unit is very sturdy & seems rather robust.
I did want to attempt the drop test but Nintendo weren't as hapy about that so I didn't lol

All the usuall buttons are there but now they have touch sensitive Start, Select & Home buttons just below the bottom screen.

They have also now added a rather good analouge stick/pad, I wont say great as it did seem a bit to easy to get movements wrong with it.

The slider for the 3D depth is located on the side of the top screen ie the 3D screen & this is the most useful this on there, every game needs adjusted differently IMO.

Well there are a couple of programs preloaded on to it already,
1) Mii Manager: name says it all really!

2)The 3D camera & game (cant remember the name sorry),

With this you could take pictures of anything & see them in 3D however if you took a picture of someones face, it converted it to 3D then loads it into a game where you can blast these small ball things with your face on it in the "real world enviroment around you".

Got boring VEY quickly.

3) Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D

Well this was one of the most impressive looking titles for the 3DS.
If you have played the Mercenaries mode from Resident Evil 4 they you instantly feel at home.

At the start of the game you are given the choice of four characters,
Claire Redfield, Chris Redfield, Krauser, or Hunk.
Each character has their own set of unique weapons to help give them an edge in combat.

Once a character is selected players are brought into the game.
The object is to get as many kills as possible in the set amount of time and to do so without dying.
There are items lying around & sections to get more time added.

In the game I played I went as Chris, The level was Creepy Town from Resident Evil 4.

While the game looks great and is action packed I was never really a big fan of the Mercenaries mode from any Resident Evil game and I’m quite surprised that it’s getting its own title.

The entire game seems limited to me and I hope the retail version offers more.
According to Nintendo players will be able to team up online via Wi-Fi but I still wonder if that’s enough to keep most people interested in a game like this.
Which I doubt it will, even ME and I'm one of the biggest Resident Evil fans EVER!!!!
Hell I'll buy any console if RE is gonna be on it LOL

Rating Out of 10
Looks: 9
Game: 5

Overall 7

4) Asphalt 3D
I must say this was TERRIBLE if this is how all driving games are going to be on it then the driving genre on the 3DS is DOA!!

After having a good hands on with this game I was left so disappointed in many ways.

Looks: Ok so the game is an arcade racer, with 3D off it looks quite good.
Turn it on Yeah impressive....

But then I had to race and OMG what an abomination, the 3D affects are dreadful when racing no matter the 3D setting you use.

There is no sense of depth for objects moving towards you & everything becomes very blurry (not in the OMG look how fast Im going way, more along the lines of SONIC 2 on 2player mode on a 100" LCD screen OUCH WTF happened to my eyes)
Because of this it made the game very difficult to get into & want to keep playing so i found myself playing it just to be polite....

Dont get me wrong it has HUGE potentital if they can get the 3D effects more blended.

I will also say that im a nightmare for seeing flaws and being distracted by them so that will not have helped me enjoy this title.

There is a huge selection of licensed cars to use & alot of tracks to rip around on with the usual jumps and power-ups.
But i just couldnt get past the poor 3D effects.

Looks: 4
Game: 5

Overall: 4.5

5) Street Fighter 4 3D

The Street Fighter series on handhelds has always been mixed.
They've improved hugely over the original games, but problems remain.
Squished character rosters and a lack of buttons are recurring issues.

It's also in with a chance of becoming the finest handheld fighting game ever.
For entirely traditional reasons.

You see, the 3D is largely pointless.
It doesn't really add anything to the game itself.

Howver Capcom have created a new Dynamic Camera view for the game.

This view swoops in and around your character as you fight,
often sliding over your shoulder to accentuate the depth of the 3D.
It flows fluidly and the camera movement itself isn't as obtrusive as you may think.
But the locked, over-the-shoulder view is, blocking your view of your opponent a little and confusing the direction of your attacks. Not ideal.

Then there's the touch-screen.
Divided into four, the touch screen allows you to click on mapped super or ultra combos,
executing these previously tricky moves at will, but learning those moves should be part of the fun of the game.

Now the good stuff & there's lots of good stuff.
First up, it looks great. The big, colourful, chunky characters are very impressive, retaining all of the heft and physicality of their home console counterparts.
This applies across all of the 35 character list.
They all look fantastic, with all of the three costume packs sold as DLC on console available straight out of the box.

The backdrops are static this time around, but all of the flashy, over-long special animations are in place.
It looks far better than the screenshots I had seen would suggest.
And though it makes no difference ever to the actual game, the 3D does look quite pretty.

Plus there's some extra features too.
Local and online multiplayer is in place, though I didn't get to test it out.

There's also the rather brilliant idea of 'download play,' a feature that allows you to share and compete with friends who don't even own SSFIV 3D.
Those friends can only play as Ryu, and only have access to one stage, but it's a nifty little feature that also doubles as a genius piece of marketing.
Clever stuff.

Among the very best of Nintendo's launch window line-up, SSFIV 3D is one of the best.

Looks: 9
Game: 8
Overall: 8.5

6) Dead or Alive Dimentions

If Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition is the only fighting game that gets any attention during the 3DS's launch window, it'd be a real shame. I might be even more excited about Dead or Alive: Dimensions.

Dimensions brings Dead or Alive to a Nintendo system for the first time.
Along with Street Fighter, it was another 3DS title at that showed me we'll have to start reconsidering our view of what a handheld can bring to the table.

The game features 20+ characters, including at least one brand new addition, for what I was told will be the biggest roster of any Dead or Alive game.
The 3DS has an advantage for players that want to try out every character because while the top screen is used for the action, the bottom screen features a move and combo list in addition to touch controls for hold, throw, and guard. Performing moves in Dead or Alive requires much more than quarter circles and charge moves, so this is very helpful.

Dead or Alive: Dimensions will feature a Metroid: Other M-themed level. Could other characters be unlocked???? I'd say most likely.

Looks: 9
Game: 8
Overall: 8.5

I did find out that Nintendo has an aggrement in the UK with SKY TV to offer 3D programming to the 3DS through Wifi!!!!
No other details were given but from what i did see the small screen just doesn't do 3D TV justice i'd rather wear the glasses to watch it on a BIG TV.

So after all that what would I say was my favourite....
It has to be Street Fighter 4

Will I be parting with £200+ to own one......... NO chance
There just wasnt enough to make me want one at the moment but 12months down the line with better titles and most likely a 3DS XL then yeah i might get one!

Like I said at the top this is just a PRE-VIEW Review but I doubt the other launch titles will sway me.

Hope you enjoyed reading.

Bringing NEWS & VIEWS to RHPG

PostPosted: Mon Feb 14, 2011 9:34 am 
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Ally of Robinhood
Ally of Robinhood

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Cool review. I have been wanting to read something like this about the 3DS. I have been thinking about DSi XL or 3DS will give it some more time but I think in my heart I want the DSi XL over the 3DS. Always felt that 3D is a big gimmick but haven't seen a 3DTV yet..

RHPG, home away from home :)

PostPosted: Mon Feb 14, 2011 9:36 am 
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moved post to a better area
good stuff man
im sure ill end up with 1 or 2 of these before long

man hope things are going good with you
Glad to hear your back

im sorry to hear its took this long to get over the "Cinnamon Challenge!!" :D :D

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